LKA 2015

LKA - Judge Becky Swainston (Emberez)


Thank you everyone for taking the time to come to the LKA for my judging appointment. Making the right decisions for my placings is not something I take lightly so I appreciated your patience, especially as I made you work hard moving your dogs so much. 

I was really pleasantly surprised with the overall quality, especially the males this time, although the variants in type is quite immense the overall soundness I would have said was high in around 80% of all exhibits.


I struggled to decide on my 2 best males as there was 3 (including 2nd in open) that could have easily switched places on another day, 3 very different males but equally beautiful and within standard.


I definitely don't want to discredit anyone as we all love our babies but I wouldn't be taking my job as a judge seriously if I wasn't honest so I wanted to say I still think that a select few exhibitors really do need educating on the breed standard and the necessary quality that is essential. 


Overall teeth were good or at least much better compared to the last time I judged, tails almost all were perfect, bone was ok but would have like to see more in bone in both front and rear quarters, especially in a few of the males.

The depth of chest I feel is an issue for the breed, Many dogs lack in depth of chest some being almost concave, this really is something breeders need to study more, the chest should be broad and powerful but most importantly "deep " being more than half of the height of the Dogue at the withers. The standard expresses much more detail concerning depth meaning it’s an important characteristic of The Dogue De Bordeaux we need to recognise.

There were some weak pasterns not only in front but also behind.

The Dogue de bordeaux should have tight toes but it should also have strong feet, not big but strong but in some cases I found especially in a few males their feet seemed small in comparison to the bone in the legs giving this strange appearance of feet like a ballerina on Demi-pointe. You should at least be able to tell where the foot begins.


However my top placings were well deserving of their awards and I'm grateful to everyone who took the time to come to the LKA, aside from such diversity in breed type the standard throughout is improving.



1. Justlazares Everlong

What an imposing young man, such ring presence already. Behaved impeccably and stood out from the start. Stunning head, size and shape, ear placement sets of his complete expression perfectly, lovely clean eyes.

Front and rear super sound with just enough bone, Topline is kept level throughout, what a little mover.

2. Imperatriz Aurea at Regalrouge

A taller male than first place, still with a lovely profile. Beautiful head type, super tight and supple front, Very sound for one so young, a little clumsy on the move but with training will be corrected in no time. 

3. Louis de la tribu de laza



1. Mr A Blu

What a harmonious front, with a pleasing head type, sound Topline, chest and strong hindquarters, I would like a little more of him but he is developing well.

Moved well.



1. Althateano Tonker

A very big male. Very loose but it's to be expected in such a young dog that is so big. Lovely head with gorgeous expression, very sound throughout and a deeper chest would set him off a treat. Moved as he should.

2. Loggerheads live Ammo

A smaller male but very beautiful from the front. His hindquarters are not his virtue and is more apparent on the move, however a lovely boy.

3. Redreve I am Legend for Belsara



1. Lockerice Pastel

I have in my notes from the show only one word "wow" I absolutely love this boy. He is quite the substantial male who is well developed in all areas. I only gave this boy reserve Best male and not best male for one reason, he loses his gait a touch on the move, just a touch but I feel this is due to him being such a clown in the ring. He may not be the perfect performing show dog but he is a beautiful Dogue De Bordeaux and I think he is well worth being admired for that.

2. Nardunn Canonball

When he first walked into the ring I thought he was my winner, what a gorgeous show dog he is. Very imposing and sound. Love his head type and silhouette, needs to tighten up which will come as he starts to fill but he is still very young and has lots of time.

3. Redreve Carnage at Dogueadore



1. Bourgeoisie Bohemia

Another big gorgeous lad that I like a lot, lovely head, chest and super bone.

Topline and hindquarters perfect standing, he is a little close in hind movement but super supple and agile for such a big boy.

2. All brand Darth Vader 

A gorgeous boy of 6 years old, beautiful head with all the right angles, wide chest, good bone and harmonious outline stacked. Lovely mover and well handled.

3. Kenxiam Gladiator duke of bravadogue



1. Carsadogues new beginning for Belsara 

The breed type this boy has in his body for me is perfect. He has exactly what a Dogue de Bordeaux should have,  his outline is second to non and although he also has a beautiful head his body, bone, chest, Topline, substance and all his angles are rarely seen in one dog. Movement wow, just perfect!

2. Rozeldogue I'm bulletproof

What a show Dogue this boy is, the choice for first place was a really tough decision as I feel this male is more refined than my winner but I would just like to see a touch more of him. 

Other than that I can not fault him, his head is stunning, his confirmation is so sound and correct both standing and on the move, a beautiful boy for sure.



1. What a gorgeous big boy that I can see is well loved, does not look at all his age and is still super strong and correct. What a beautiful head type, bone, chest and Topline both stacked and on the move. Sound throughout.



1. Imperatrix Pupurisso at Regalrouge

A beautiful young female puppy with so much potential showing already. Gorgeous well developed head already with lovely shape and character. Would like a little more of her in bone but she is just a baby and has so much time, I'm sure this gorgeous girl has a bright future.

2. Another stunner, very similar to my winner, lovely head with perfect shape, lovely clear eyes and gorgeous expression. She is so sound in body, lovely bone, chest and Topline. Lovely little mover. Well handled.

3. Dogueadore Dazzle and dare



1.Ascogcaras force field

A little shy but the environment was upsetting many of what we must remember is a sensitive breed, especially at this age. She is a little beauty a touch high on the leg but critiquing such young puppies is always difficult as they have so much time to change and develop and they all do this at different rates. Her head is just stunning and I'm sure she will grow just as beautiful as her kennel mates as it is obvious she is from a well established line that share her beautiful head type.

2. Mathewstaff simply red




1. Bentleysbeauxs Ocean Dream

Beautiful head and stunning clear eyes, ear placement and shape. 

Very stocky, strong and full of substance, lovely drive from behind on the move and good extension of her forelegs.

2. Marndalls star raider

Another super stocky girl, gorgeous head again with clear eyes and good ears. Strong neck and well laid shoulders with a strong body. Thigh muscles are a touch over developed, however she has great inner thigh strength which is a desirable trait and her low set hocks set her backend off a treat. She does skip a little on the move but when slowed down and settled into her gait her movement was much more fluid.

3. Coppertails miss dynamite



1. Jerivindi Tartuffe Belle of Eilloh

Beautiful feminine female but still very strong. I like her a lot. Gorgeous head with such a beautiful expression, Shorter in leg than some of the other exhibits but gives this appearance because of her beautiful deep chest. Behaved impeccably and is a credit to her owner. Lovely mover.

2. Dar og Siofra

Ah wow what a gorgeous girl. So calm and taking everything in her stride, Lovely head, eyes and expression. She is a solid girl while keeping her femininity. Lovely mover and well handled, a credit to the breed.

3. Althateanos cheeky star



1. Ascogcara chariot of fire sh cm

As always I love everything about this girl and I believe she will always be tough competition for other exhibits competing against her, especially under a breed specialists. She is so imposing while still keeping her feminine outline. Head type is so typical and very beautiful, Wonderful mover, love her.

2. Bellamiabams bubbys angel at Justlazare

A feminine girl, low to the ground with such a lovely ring presence. Her natural stance shows her solid and sound confirmation. Great mover 




1. Willsanburgs pretty woman

Just lovely, her outline is what the breed standard desires. Originally standing a little wide, when corrected shows the perfect front she has. Topline level and keeping it that way standing and on the move, lovely bone, chest with strong neck. Great rear angulation and strong hindquarters with great tail set. Movement is typical, being over critical would just like a touch more drive from behind but enough to give her the best of breed award.




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