Some of our dogues have featured quite a lot in the canine press and publications. Below are a few of them.....

Lately we have had quite a few write ups about our kennel in both the UK dog press papers (OurDogs and Dogworld) in 2016 and in overseas publications too but we would like to say a Huge thank you to OURDOGS newspaper for asking us for this write up. A full page and more of our thoughts in print after 16 years in the breed. Please click on the images below to read them on our Facebook page




Words from Bas Bosch about Skye in Modern Molosser magazine

The best Dogue De Bordeaux bitch he has ever judged, No words for her only admiration....



On the cover of the French Clubs magazine "Skye and Jimmy"



Thank you to OURDOGS for their lovely words when we lost Enferno - CLICK HERE to read more - January 2011


Skye Winning the Group at Manchester was BIG NEWS for our breed being the highest achievement in the UK to date, she was featured in both UK dog news papers, Ourdogs and Dogworld as well as dog press across Europe - A few clippings/links below.

OurDogs - http://www.ourdogs.co.uk/News/2011/Jan2011/News280111/skye.htm

Dogworld - http://www.dogworld.co.uk/News/04-First


Skye Winning the Group in Belgium at the EURODOGSHOW


Taken from Ourdogs Newspaper!
Our dogs have been featured in many magazine's across the world but more recently they have featured in "Chiens 2000" in France, "Modern Molosser" in the USA (January 2010) and in the Dutch magazine "Hond Onze"
A few clips from Chiens 2000 - Featuring Jimmy, Enferno and Bubba and many of the beautiful Van De Paterhoek females
We were delighted to read an article about our wins at the European Dog Show in Dublin in Ourdogs Newspaper 3rd July 2009, Click on the clip below to read the article.
From 20th March edition of Dogworld (Click Image to read)
Our local paper The Sunderland Echo wrote about Enferno's win the day after we returned home from Crufts, much to our surprise.

We were delighted to see Enferno representing the breed in the Dog World Crufts special when talking about the breed at Crufts for the first time. Click the image to the right, page 12.


We were even more delighted to be interviewed by Ourdogs in the Bordeaux special which can be seen by clicking image on the left, page 39

Taken from 17th October's edition of Ourdogs Newspaper
An article by Rene Brochier in the French dog magazine "Vos Chiens" in January 2009
Taken from 5th December 2008 issue of Dogworld when Tito won at the all winners show
Taken from 17th October's edition of Dogworld Newspaper in the write up on the European Dog Show 2008
Enferno in the Australian Dog press wrote by Leanne from Bellarouge

The World of Dogues De Bordeaux 2006-2007

See Info and pictures on some of our dogs on pages 31, 43, 96, 97, 98, 114, 164, 190, 244, 245, 246, 247, 250, 251 & 259

The World of Dogues De Bordeaux 2004-2005

In the Belgium section on page 111. In the French section pages 159 and 160. Our breed advert on page 166 and 167. In the great Britain section Apollo was chosen for a full page, on page 168 and some of our others are featured on pages 171, 177 and 178. Norweigan section page 212. In the Netherlands section page 271.

The most recent edition of the Doggendagen book 2005-2007 by Bas Bosch

There were 3 dogs selected to have their own page 2 of these dogs were Apollo and Enferno on pages 76 and 80.

Below Apollo on the Front cover of SADB Club magazine and Enferno on the front cover of Irish Canine Press.

On the front cover of the Dogworld CC winners Showcase
See www.dogworld.co.uk for the full edition
Apollo featuring on the front cover of the 2008 Australia and New Zealand Calendar.
The Swedish Mastiff bulletin featuring Enferno
Taken from Our dogs Newspaper UK
"Irish canine press"
On the front cover of Our dogs Newspaper
"Show dogs Ireland"
Royal Canin have advertised our dogues for us many times!

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