First of all we would just like to thank everyone for your interest in our dogues. We have been overwhelmed lately with emails inquiring about our dogues which is why we write the following. Because replying to emails is taking us so long and is too much to do every day we have decided to reply to emails twice a week or more if we can. If you email us and we dont get back to you straight away please except our apologies. The best way to get us straight away is through the day by telephone. We would also like to ask that you call no earlier than 10am and no later than 8pm because we seem to be spending all evening answering the telephone. I hope you understand and we appreciate you taking the time to read this.

We are here for any advice you may need and we are happy to help and if you could call between 10am and 8pm we would be very grateful. For over seas callers please remember the time difference. :0))

Thank you!

Tel - 07903871872

If you can not get an answer please Email Us to tell us you have called!
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