Winner 2011 and Youth Winner 2011 - Reserve World Winner 2013
Emberez Eta Carinae
"Fergie" Daughter of Skyejacked and Tommygun


Pictued above mother and 11 month Daughter Fergie and Halo




Gent 23.02.14 Res Best Female RCAC RCACIB

Boston Ch Show 09.01.14 - Best female and BEST OF BREED

Border Union 2013 - Best Female

Bath Championship Show 2013 - Best Female

World Dog Show 2013 - Reserve World Winner - 1st in Open

Welsh and West Club Show 21.04.13 - - BEST FEMALE

Eurodogshow Belgium 2012 - Best Female CAC/CACIB

The French Clubmatch 2012 - Res Best Female RCAC

The Dutch Clubmatch 2012 - Res Best Female CAC

18th June 2012 - Windsor - Res Best Female

16th June 2012 - Border Union - Best Female - Best of Breed

7th June 2012 - Three Counties - Res Best Female

3rd June 2012 - Southern Counties - BEST FEMALE

11th March 2012 - Crufts - RES BEST FEMALE

21.01.12 BEST FEMALE - BEST OF BREED - Manchester Championship Show

07.01.12 BEST FEMALE - Boston Championship Show

26.11.11 Amsterdam Winners Show - BEST FEMALE CAC - Youth Winner Title and Winner Title

23.10.11 DDBCGB - Best Junior Female

Reserve Best Female at Paignton Championship show 01.08.11

17.09.11 Darlington Championship show - BEST JUNIOR FEMALE

Welsh and West Club Show 21.04.13 - Fergie wins - BEST FEMALE - only 12 weeks after rearing her babies

Critique by Judge Peri Burnside - Emberez Eta Carinae - At 2 years 10 months a beautiful strong female, exquisite as her name would dictate. Of a good sound type, confirmation and movement. Confidently handled and in excellent condition. A good broad head, trapezoid in shape, prominent cheeks, broad muzzle, good turn of chin, symmetrical wrinkle and lovely expression. Strong muscular neck, broad at base and merges well into shoulders. Nice broad chest with well-muscled forearms and powerful shoulders. Good spring of rib and a nice tuck up. Solid body with a strong lion and hindquarters. Lovely turn of stifle and good rear angulation. Moved well with good rear drive, delighted to award her female and Reserve Best of Breed in Show.



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